This Arts Trail, Octopus and Queen will be showing Yvonne Wells’ whimsical metal characters, which are brought to life through the playful combining of seemingly useless metal items.

Inspired by random objects or utensils, Yvonne’s creative process is always very organic. It is an approach that embraces serendipitous moments such as when a piece of metal or a screw miraculously fits inside the hole of another object, and so the process begins.

All of Yvonne’s sculptures grow from a single piece of ‘something’, drawn from her large collection of treasured bits and pieces. She sometimes sets out with a plan, but as each creature evolves, it takes on a life of its own!

Each creature is as unique as the items used in its creation.  Yvonne’s favourite part is naming them, as they usually evoke a specific name that speaks of their distinct character.

The exhibition space will also be featuring mosaics from the very talented Dunolly-based artist, Lynda Vater.

Octopus and Queen is an eclectic homewares haven nestled in the tiny gold rush town of Tarnagulla.  Occupying what was once the old butcher’s shop, transforming the derelict building and its adjoining barren paddock has been a thirty-year labour of love for owners Frances and Trevi.

Combining elements of the many memorable places they have travelled and interpreted through their own unique lens, Octopus and Queen is a reflection of their passion for whimsy, colour and art, and is a constantly evolving bounty of inspiration. Step inside the vibrant pink doors to enjoy a curation of vintage treasures alongside the creations of their featured artists.

The garden won’t be open this year, however, the Flower Power Mural created by local artist Janene Goddon will be visible from the street for all to see. 

Outside the trail weekend, the shop is open every Saturday and Sunday from 10am to 5pm and other times by appointment. The shop offers a range of new and vintage homewares, and there are interesting garden items, including rusty relics and yard art.

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While you’re in Tarnagulla take a short walk down the street to visit Melanie Young‘s Studio and see her fabulous textile pieces, take in the leatherwork by Maryann Scull at the Tarnagulla Community Centre, and make time to drop in on Joe Jakitsch’s studio in the historic church.