The Raillery Hub at the beautifully restored St Arnaud Railway station brings together established and emerging artists, and creatives from across the region. A multi-room exhibition space, with a permanent sculpture garden and Creatives and Produce shop representing a stable of more than 30 talented local artists and producers, the St Arnaud Raillery Hub has set a benchmark for the reclamation of decommissioned railway stations, and the repurposing of these formerly derelict buildings as community run gallery spaces.

Over the 2023 Tiny Towns Arts Trail weekend the Raillery Hub will be hosting Sayings and Quotations, an exhibition of works by Gabriele Rohlje. Gabrielle spent years honing her skills with private art classes, copying master works and working en plein air, before undertaking her university studies at RMIT and graduating with her Master of Arts, Fine Art in 2000.

In her early years Gabrielle was inspired by the vibrancy of artists such as Vincent Van Gogh. Later, through her studies she developed an interest in hard-edged design and drew the works of artists such as Piet Mondrian, Igor Malevich, Gerhard Richter and others stimulated her imagination.

Today Gabrielle paints her own luminous pieces, using a colourful mixture of figurative, abstract and geometric designs, visually interpreted in the format of posters. She has been experimenting with different techniques and styles and self describes her own style as intuitive and conceptual, however the language of colour is mainly evident in her paintings. Some works are easily read and understood; others require imagination. Each painting adopts either a saying or quotation, adopted from popular culture, and hidden within the title or blurb.

Stay in touch with what’s happening at the St Arnaud Raillery Hub through Facebook and Instagram, or through their website.

While you’re visiting the gallery, ask for a Rail History Walk guide to identify significant artefacts at this 1878 Heritage listed St Arnaud Railway Station, and while you’re in town don’t forget to check out Kyle Torney’s amazing street art and silo paintings.