Now in its 7th year, this unique and quirky weekend of art, food and fun has grown from a small local arts trail to an incredible adventure that winds its way through more than 10 historic towns and spans five shires across the Central Victorian Goldfields.

With new artists coming on board and others moving away, no two trails are ever the same. Even seasoned Arts Trail visitors will always find something new. But one thing remains the same: the wonderful diversity of creative expression on show!

Stretching over 240 km, the spirit of the trail is one of discovery and the journey between towns is part of the whole experience. Cruise along ribbons of asphalt edged by golden farmland, wind your way through ironbark forests and emerge into historic streets lined with gold-rush architecture.

The Tiny Towns Art Trail is a smorgasbord of creativity and a wonderful excuse to explore the lesser-known corners of the Central Goldfields. Autumn is the perfect time to visit too, as the heat of summer has given way to cooler weather.