The Ministry of Fun in Dunolly operates as a multi room studio space, workshop venue and gallery. Showcasing the works of four artists: ceramicist Danielle Boothroyd; feltmaker Tanja Gawin; woodworker and photographer Philip Ashton; and multimedia artist Anna Ashton. 

Works range from colourful and whimsical hats, bags and sculptural creatures through to beautifully crafted timber bowls and containers. 

The Ministry of Fun aims to explore the diverse aspects of creativity and experimentation through artistic expressions of fun!

For workshops and further details at the Ministry of Fun checkout their Facebook page or contact Anna or Philip via their website.

While you’re in Dunolly stop in at The Woolly Goose to pick up some fine art yarns. Check out Studio 33 for a rare peek at Val Wilkinson’s wonderful studio and art garden. Drop by Puzzleflat Art Gallery to vote for your favourite work the Tiny Towns Arts Trail Art Prize. On your way out of town, stop in at Squirrel Gully Saffron and pick up a treat or order a picnic box through their online store and don’t forget to visit John Moir in his studio at Alvah Art Gallery.