This year the Tarnagulla Community Centre is home to the work of Arnold-based artist, Mary-Ann Scull. The scope of Mary-Ann’s art practice spans graphic art, ceramics and printmaking, however it is her work with leather that truly captures her expressive imagination. 

Mary-Ann’s skill in this medium was developed through applied leatherwork studies (the only course of its kind in Australia), where her fascination with primitive masks and sculpture was encouraged by her teacher and mentor, David Wallace. 

Her skills and interest in leatherwork have evolved toward a practice that elevates the medium from a traditional craft to an art form. Her work invites the viewer to see leather in a new light, positioning it as a material ripe for artistic expression.

Mary-Ann’s philosophy is deeply rooted in respect for the material and the belief that all parts of an animal should be utilised, aligning with the cultural values and traditions her work draws inspiration from. 

Her exhibition at the Tarnagulla Community Centre, entitled “Heads Up” includes works that demonstrate Mary-Ann’s current interest in the nuances of facial expressions and the effects of aging on the body. 

While you’re in Tarnagulla make sure to visit Mel Young Studio and take the time to drop in on Joe Jakitsch studio gallery just off the main street.