At the southern end of Loddon Shire is the township of Tarnagulla, once known for having the highest concentration of large gold nuggets in the world. Over the years the town’s fortunes have ebbed and flowed. In its heyday, and even up as far as the 1980s, Tarnagulla was a hub for the local district, with annual picnic days, festivities and street parades.

With a backdrop of box ironbark forests, the old wooden and brick shopfronts, interspersed with grand Gold Rush era public buildings, have often belied the fact this is a living, breathing town with a post office, general store and a cafe.

Innovative new businesses are now adding to the ambience, providing more reasons to stop and browse. Take a walk around town and you will step further into the past, with many of the repurposed churches and other properties now home to artists and other creatives; many of whom are regular participants in the annual Tiny Towns Arts Trail.

In recent years, a series of Vintage Fairs, Arts Trails and other community events, together with visiting theatre companies conducting comic operas in the historic Victoria Theatre, are perfect tourism draw cards and together with the determination of the community, are helping to reinstate Tarnagulla’s unique reputation in the area.

Tarnagulla artists, galleries and studios open for the 2023 Tiny Towns Arts Trail include:

Mel Young Studio

Tarnagulla Community Centre – Mary-Ann Scull

Gunter ‘Joe’ Jakitsch

Octopus & Queen

2023 Town Map

Melanie Young Studio

Being in nature and exploring the countryside around her home in Tarnagulla is where artist Melanie Young gets the inspiration for her beautiful abstract creations.

Mel’s favourite medium is fabric and the colour, pattern and texture found in the material is transformed and re-imagined in...

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Tarnagulla Community Centre

This year the Tarnagulla Community Centre is home to the work of Arnold-based artist, Mary-Ann Scull. The scope of Mary-Ann’s art practice spans graphic art, ceramics and printmaking, however it is her work with leather that truly captures her expressive imagination. 

Mary-Ann’s skill in this...

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Gunter ‘Joe’ Jakitsch

Born in Graz, Austria, Joe migrated to Sydney in 1960. His workmates found the name Gunter unusual and, in typical Australian fashion, they took to calling him Joe. It’s a name that stuck with him to this day. 

The lure of opals led Joe north-west to Lighting Ridge where he spent 17 years min...

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Octopus and Queen

This Arts Trail, Octopus and Queen will be showing Yvonne Wells’ whimsical metal characters, which are brought to life through the playful combining of seemingly useless metal items.

Inspired by random objects or utensils, Yvonne’s creative process is always very organic. It is an approach th...

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