For the last four years Janine Wilson has been hand cranking knitted socks out of her shop in Clunes, using an incredible antique Griswold sock making machine. Janine enjoys being able to show visitors how the circular knitting machine works and gives demonstrations in her shop, as well as at fairs and festivals. Watching the machine in action is incredible and a testament to the skill and craftsmanship of a bygone era.

Janine focuses on Australian yarns which means these sock are of the highest quality and will keep your feet cosy and warm for years. You can pick them up in a variety of colours, sizes and styles. She also carries a range of fleece and yarn for all you spinners, knitters and weavers, as well as beautiful beanies and hand woven clothing, which for the most part are artisan made, one of a kind pieces.

If you have a fascination for how things were made in times gone by, you will absolutely love The Sock Maker in Fraser Street Clunes.

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