Equal parts mad inventor, crazy artist and master craftsman, Anton Mikocki’s motto is ‘art, function, reuse’ and he lives these values in how he approaches both his art and his life. Everything has potential to be remade into something new and nothing goes to waste, from the old trailer functioning as a bridge, welcoming you into his garden full of oddities, to the floor in his bathroom, tiled with bottle tops – which sounds like it could be terrible, but under Anton’s masterful touch look so spectacular you’ll wish you’d saved all your own bottle tops so you can do it yourself.

His quirky, unique style and delightful sense of humour permeate everything he does, and you get the sense when you’re talking to him that his mind never stops churning with ideas and ways to make some odd bit of junk into a functionally beautiful piece of art. Artist, furniture maker, master home builder, chef, creator, inventor, entertainer and classic one-liner extraordinaire, Anton is a multi-potentialite in the truest sense of the word.

Outside the Tiny Towns Arts Trail weekend Anton has his studio open whenever he is home, which is most of the time, so if you’re in Clunes and want to check out what he’s been up to be sure to drop in and say g’day.

In the meantime you can stay in touch with Anton by following and liking him on Facebook and Instagram, or contact him through his website.

While you’re in Clunes don’t forget to check out the beautiful fabric works in the Time For Stitch exhibition at The Warehouse, curated by Christine Lethlean, and check out the diverse creativity of the Clunes Artists Group on display at BOOM Clunes.