Nostalgia, functionality and whimsy intertwine in Rosy Hardress’ fantastical knitted and crocheted creations, which she aptly describes as ”functional micro art”. Her gallery shop, tucked neatly off a laneway in Talbot, is populated by boldly coloured tea cosies and other sculptural wonders that pop against the crisp white walls. Some appear like stylised bonsais, others sport teetering towers of multi-coloured doughnut forms, and each piece asserts a playful presence through charismatic curves and twists that unintentionally evoke the art of Dr Seuss or Leunig. 

Rosy’s love of tea harks way back to a childhood punctuated by memories of tea parties, served with full tea service and real tea to the neighbourhood kids.

Learning to knit as a 5-year-old, Rosy was mentored by the older women in her life; women of an era who honoured the good china by reserving it for use only on special occasions. In contrast, Rosy sees every day as the perfect day to use “special” objects and her exuberant tea cosies imbue ordinary moments with a specialness and an aesthetic joy. 

Rescued pots are re-imagined in their second lives as an art form for drinking tea. Elegant cups and saucers are also re-cast from nanna’s china cupboard into perfectly peculiar pin cushions. 

Rosy’s gallery shop is a must-visit experience on your Tiny Towns adventure. Be sure to also check out the stunning hand-painted ceramic buttons created by Deborah Adams nestled in the corner – they are gorgeous!

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You can also see more of Deborah’s work via her Instagram.

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