Sitting alongside the railway tracks where freight trains rattle by, is Factory 2, a former manager’s residence and administration building attached to the old Patience and Nicholson factory in Maryborough

The exterior facade of the Factory 2 ‘cottage’ is a little misleading and stepping through its doors is like stepping into the Tardis. Once inside, expect to be greeted by an impressive display of contemporary artwork from a diverse array of artists, including some local, homegrown talent.

Over the Tiny Towns Arts Trail weekend, Factory 2 will be launching a multi-themed exhibition investigating the concept of DOG, as well as a collection of work by artists exploring the flora and fauna of Victoria.

Sketchy Characters will feature the work of Melbourne artist (and musician) Lluis Fuzzhound and Bendigo artist Matt Steel, while local artist, Toru Ngametua will also be exhibiting his beautiful Polynesian drawings and well known Geelong writer, John Bartlett will debut a series of extraordinary photographic portraits.

Musicians Amy Tie and Brandon Trickey will be there to help officially launch the exhibition, with things kicking off at 2pm on Saturday April 24, so make sure you’re there to be part of the fun.

Factory 2 will be open from 10am – 4pm each day of the trail. Outside the trail weekend Factory 2 has a regular rotation of exhibitions and the gallery’s doors are open on Fridays and Saturdays.

Stay up to date with what’s happening by following Factory 2 on Facebook and Instagram, or through their website.

While you’re in Maryborough make sure you drop into Gypsy Weaver Studios to see Cathy Tobin’s wonderful weaving and textile work, and take in one of her mini weaving workshops.