Like many goldfield towns Laanecoorie was once a thriving rural centre, supporting a large population of people who came to the region seeking their fortune during the time of the gold rush. Rising up along the Loddon River, the area was part of the vast region of traditional land occupied by the Dja Dja Wurrung, and the name Laanecoorie derives from the indigenous word, Languycoori, which is said to mean ‘place of the kangaroos,’ or ‘long water hole,’ depending on who you ask.

These days Laanecoorie is a destination for holiday makers and recreational visitors, who enjoy fishing, camping and activities on the river. The Laanecoorie Reservoir Reserve is a great place to enjoy a picnic, or a bushwalk, and the Loddon River and catchment area are home to a large variety of waterbirds.

Only 17 minutes by car from Dunolly and 30 minutes to Bendigo, this is the first year artists from Laanecoorie have joined the Tiny Towns Arts Trail.