St Arnaud

St Arnaud

With its picturesque heritage street scape and Silo Art right on the doorstep of the Pyrenees wine region, St Arnaud is fast establishing itself as a notable destination for lovers of art and culture.

Boasting a vibrant network of artists, musicians and performers, the town has embraced the talents of its creative community and Artist Kyle Torney’s silo paintings and street art have become a drawcard for visitors and tourists.

Visitors can also view an artistic interpretation of the local history in the the community built mural, which overlooks the recreational facilities located behind the library complex. The mural depicts St Arnaud’s evolution from the original indigenous custodians who roamed the region, through period of the gold rush and into its modern incarnation as a regional farming town.

The historic railway station has been carefully restored for use as a gallery and workshop space that includes a small indoor market where visitors can purchase high quality arts and crafts from local artists.

For nature lovers, the area around St Arnaud provides opportunities to explore beautiful reserves and gardens, including the wax garden conservation reserve located just outside the town.